Welcome back to Tweetscape Product Updates. We have some exciting updates for you since our last post!

Ricardo and Julian

The Tweetscape team has grown! We've added Ricardo and Julian, two product designers with complementary skill sets and years of experience pushing projects through the discovery phase. So far, they've run a series of customer interviews and introduced us to creative frameworks for synthesizing data from our interviews. These will be crucial as we start to make important product decisions. I am excited to share more about this process in future posts.


We re-designed Tweetscape.co to make it clear that we are in the discovery phase. This means our top priority is customer interviews, synthesis, small experiments to validate new ideas, and sharing posts about our progress.

For those that are still curious about the original prototype, it is available here: https://prototype.tweetscape.co/rekt/crypto/articles.

See Anyone’s Feed

Our latest experiment is aptly named See Anyone’s Feed.

During customer interviews, many people expressed an interest in seeing the feeds of more experienced twitter users. This seems to come from a lack of confidence in the people they have followed themselves and an interest to see how others are doing it better. To test this, Nick Chiang built See Anyone’s Feed as a way for people to see tweets from the follows of any other public account on twitter.

The feed is not an exact match, as it is built chronologically and is not guaranteed to pull every single tweet from every single person. Also, it doesn’t filter tweets out, so it can be a bit messy if there are a lot of replies or retweets. However, it does seem to be enough to get a general vibe of what/who the person is exposed to.

If you have any feedback or questions about additional functionality, please let us know!

P.S. We haven’t optimized for rate limits, so you may get stuck if you use it at the same time as a few others.

20+ customer interviews.

Since the last update, the team has talked to 25+ twitter users about their uses, problems, and interests on twitter. Next week, Ricardo and Julian are running a product workshop where we will decide which customer segment and which specific problems in that segment to target first. We will share this decision with you next week!