Tweetscape Product Update

Last week, I left you at halftime of the Tweetscape Product Workshop. This week, we finished it!

Product Workshop

We converged on the main pain points Tweetscape will address:

  1. Lack of agency
  2. Lists Suck

Then, we collectively put together a new path:

Build a probing and surfacing app with sources, streams, and views for analysts and deep thinkers.

For more details on what we did in the product workshop, check out the product workshop outcomes post I shared earlier this week. If this is your first time on the tweetscape blog, you can learn more about analysts and deep thinkers in the exploring user segments post.

Validation Plan

We are in the middle of building better resources to explain what sources, streams and views are. One of our main goals is to confirm if our conception of those ideas matches the mental models of deep thinkers and analysts. Our plan is to do this by completing another round of explortory interviews showing them the artifacts, resources, and explanations we are working on now. If they don't match, we will continue refining them.

Some other research questions we have in mind and hope to get answers from in interviews are:

We will have more to share on these ideas as we create more resources and conduct more interviews!

Some Twitter Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

In the background of product work, I’ve been doing some fun EDA on the people I follow on twitter to inspire some new view ideas for what we might be able to include in tweetscape.

My inspiration for this work is the twitter rpg and the twitter tavern:

Here are some questions I wanted to begin to answer:

I ran into some problems deploying my app today, but I still wanted to include this as part of the product update, so I created a quick loom video going through my jupyter notebook and some of the visualiations I've created so far. You can watch that video here.

I'd love to hear any ideas you have on what you like/dislike and any interesting directions you'd like me to take this work!