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Tweetscape Product Update, 07/08/2022

Last week, I shared the outcomes of the product workshop. This week, we synthesized our product workshop outcomes into a new landing page mockup to use for the next round of customer interviews. The goal of the next round of interviews is to key into

We conducted two of those interviews today. They left us feeling confident that focusing on a increasing agency by providing an much better alternative to twitter lists is a promising direction. We'll see if that continues in our interviews next week.

For the curious ones out there, you can see the current iteration of the landing page here. Julian really flexed his figma muscles with those animations!

As always, I’d love to receive any and all feedback? What is too vague? Where do we have too much text? Do the animations help? Are you excited (or not)?? DM me!

Spotify Inspired

Lately, Julian has drawn a lot of inspiration from spotify's discovery mechanisms. Two features in spotify he's been referencing and I personally find myself consistently satisfied with are

  1. Playlist song recomendations (after adding a handful of songs first)
  2. Spotify Radio based on a song

In the last product update, I started throwing the word "streams" around. We are playing with the idea of thinking of a stream as the twitter version of a spotify playlist. Similarly to a playlist, we'd like to be able to see a stream with a small number of tweets or accounts and help the user fill them out from there, instead of forcing the user to do all the search and filter work on their own. One tool that already does something similar is t.same.energy. You should check it out!

Analyze who you Follow and Find Your Lowbies

Check out our latest experiment! All of the visulizations are interactive! Make sure to click, drag, and scroll to investigate them.

My favorite visualizations are Num Replies vs. num followers and Num Tweets vs. Num Replies 3D. They are great ways to see which small accounts you follow have been exceptionally active.

For those that want a deeper explanation, I walk through the logic behind the visualizations in this video.


One of the reasons I wanted to create a view to find small accounts receiving attention is that many people I talk to, myself included, are interested in finding ideas they "won't find anywhere else." More and more, people are tired of seeing the massive viral tweets. They want the ideas that are relate more personally to them. Plus, non-viral tweets are more likely to come from accounts you can easily interact with, instead of some big account that thousands of other people are vying for the attention of.


Nick Chiang got back from vacation this week. Unfortunately for him, I got lazy with my commit messages. We've decided to use conventional commits for all of our repo's so we will have a pretty, organized, and useful commit history. While he was out, I used the experimental nature of my code as an excuse to messily commit my work... which did not fly with him. I appreciate having a teammate who will hold me to my commitment to keep our work organized, even when it goes against my messy instincts.