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Tweetscape Product Update, 07/15/2022

Welcome back to Tweetscape product updates! I'm going into this weekend very excited about the current state of Tweetscape.

Last week, I shared that the goal of our next round of interviews was to key into

  1. Our ability to effectively communicate our ideas
  2. The excite and interest generated by those ideas

Our current landing page is far from perfect (wayyy too much text, we know that for sure), but the core ideas were effectively communicated - particularly for streams. Here are some descriptions of streams in the words of interviewees:

"Streams are basically the youtube version of twitter. You start with a seed and it drives the content from there. Ideally, it leads to an asymptote to the desired output."

"It's like creating a new feed the way you start a playlist with spotify radio."

"Streams are smart, personalized aggregators."

"You start with a seed and Tweetscape grows the plant for you."

Twitter power users are hungry for a more malleable version of twitter lists and better ways to dive into new spaces on twitter.

For most, discovery is not a problem, but seeing what they want, when they want it, is still a struggle.


For a few weeks now, we’ve been playing with concepts of sources, streams, and views. These are the concepts that will allow Tweetscape to “start with a seed and helps you grow.”

Julian created some great materials codifying our terminology. Here is the feedback loop for how sources, streams, and views work together:


While using Tweetscape, users interact with all of these targets. They build on each other in a successive fashion. In order to set up a stream, a user has to identify sources. In order to view a stream, it has to be created beforehand. While viewing a stream, a user interacts with content. This final interaction gives feedback to adjust the content that a stream surfaces.

Technical Validation

Now that our vision of an adequate solution is becoming more clear, we need to build something that meets these high expectations.

We are going to start by answering the following question:

Can we filter shared interest tweets among a certain community given an initial few accounts?

In other words, can we find the relevant and interesting overlap among those seed accounts. This will help us with a big part part of the problem with lists: even after all the effort of building them, many users find that the feeds themselves are not satisfying.

Here is the inital use case we have in mind for this question:

You want to explore longevity twitter. You have a few accounts available that got you interested, but you aren't sure where to go from there. Create a Tweetscape stream with those accounts and work from there.

Starting next week, we will be diving into different methods to reveal that overlap and build relevant feeds from those seed accounts.

Here are a list of questions we have guiding our work finding those overlaps:

Send Us Your Stream Seeds!

If there are any areas of twitter you wish you had a stream for now (e.g. longevity/synthetic bio/your niche interest), and you have a feed seed accounts to start with, please DM to me!

We will be more than happy to use your seeds in our first experiments and use your feedback to judge if we are going in the right direction.

See you next week!