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Product Update 08-19-2022

Hey everyone!

I’m on holiday this week so it’s a short product update. It felt a bit odd to take a full week off before we have released a product, but it was great to completely turn off for a few days. I’ll be refreshed and energized on Monday when I get back to work.

Instead of a review of the work the team did this week, I’m going to share a couple of fun twitter side projects we’ve come up with while working on Tweetscape.

Keyword Reflection

A while back, my twitter mutual [Ric](https://twitter.com/ricvolpe] shared a fun app he built: http://people.volpato.io/. In Ric’s app, you get quizzed on whether or not you can recognize which accounts sent certain tweets. This tests how well you know the accounts you follow. It was a bit eye opening when I took it because I felt like I had never heard of a couple of the accounts…

It isn’t foolproof, but it is a fun idea. How aware are you of the people that you follow? How well do you know them? Can you recognize them?

It would be fun to apply this same idea to keywords. For example, after figuring out the keywords you’ve tweeted about most, at different points in time, the app could ask questions like “when was the first time you tweeted about X?” Or, it could pull tweets from people you follow and ask, “Of the following accounts, which one tweets about X most?”

The idea would be to test your awareness for how long you, or the people you follow, have been thinking about certain topics see if you are aware of how your thinking and interests have changed.

This is also inspired by my experience with journaling. I recently read through my journals from 4-5 years ago, and I was blown away that I was writing about many of the same things I still think about now, even though I would have told you that a lot of what I thinking about now is new. Of course, my thinking is definitely different, but not quite as different as I would have tried to convince you it was.

Spotify Wrapped

This takes the keyword awareness app and puts it on steroids.

Spotify Wrapped gets an insane amount of attention. People love it. It is great fun to see how your music shaped your year. Seeing your most played songs can bring back vivid memories of where you were while listening to them.

Twitter has an insane amount of potential to do the same thing, especially for those who are actively tweeting. We could see things like

And soooo many more ideas. I’m planning to keep ideas for this app in the back of my head as I continue working on Tweetscape this year. Reflective tools like this could be insanely useful, and popular, if done right.

That’s all

That’s all for this week. I’m gonna head over to the beach for my last day. I’ll be back to work next week (hopefully with news on who you can use our latest prototype!)

Talk to you soon!