Don't Panic Stole this image from Leo, who I write about at the end of this update

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Product Update 09-14-2022

Last time, I told you about our end of year plans, and that I spent the week building our prototype with remix instead of streamlit. Then, last week, I stayed heads down learning how to use neo4j and the cypher query language, which is graph database we've decided to use as the backend for Tweetscape.

The Results

There is still a lot (a looot) of work to be done, but we got the first version of the streams prototype out in front of our team, and despite the janky UX, it was well received.

The main feature is the account recommendations based on the initial seed users of a stream. Here is a screenshot (I already told you the UX is janky)

Luckily for us, Andre's main goal this week is cleaning up the UI/UX, then implementing it on top of the technical features I'm working on.

If you want to try out these recommendations for yourself, you can, under a couple of conditions:

Here is the link:

Quick note: you don't have to login with twitter to see everyone else's streams (just click in the sidebar)!

Cool Twitter Friend

I met Leo on a zoom call a few months ago while sending cold dm's to twitter power users about Tweetscape. He came back across my timeline this week and I couldn't be more excited about what he has been up to.

Seeing his SaaS factory updates is what inspired me to send this update today instead of waiting for Friday to combine the last two weeks into a single issue.

I'm very excited for Leo to start his first cohort of Build In Public University. One of the things I like about Leo's approach is that he is picking a single, minimal feature and shipping full apps based on them. He isn't delaying the process by requiring himself to have an app full of features. I want to make sure we follow a similar process with tweetscape (part of my motivation to share the link for the prototype above).

We are going to do a live stream talking about how he thinks about his decision processes for which features to ship first. Follow my twitter to stay up to date on when that's going to happen!