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Product Update 09-16-2022

The Team Dynamic

In september 2nd’s update, I shared that Tweetscape’s current runway will get us through the end of the year. Luckily, Rhys and Brendon are helping us prepare to fund raise. Rhys started a great pitch memo I hope to share soon, and Brendon pushed the team to start thinking about our official titles. Supposedly, official titles are important to investors.

While talking about this, Julian reminded us of a cool framing of our roles that Andre made:

From Julian:

This is the dynamic that will drive the early stages of Tweetscape as release better and better versions of the prototype I shared on wednesday.

New Designs

I’m really excited to share work from Andre and Julian this week.

First, Andre worked on the updated design for the prototype I shared on wednesday:


(he isn’t quite done yet, but I decided to include it anyway because it’s already such a huge improvement, which you can check out here!).

The Stream Overview field is going to be populated with metrics that I will be working on next week. Here are the the types of questions I’ll be thinking about to fill in that section:

  1. percentage of tweets in the stream that received some form of engagement (likes, rts, replies) from a majority of seed users
  2. top content in the stream from the past day/week. Based on total number of likes, retweets, or some weighted combination of the two for each piece of content
  3. account distribution: is one or a few accounts dominating the stream, or is content coming from a variety of sources?

Next, Julian explored what the app could look like by the end of the year. His is much harder to communicate with just screenshots, but I think they communicate the feel that the app will have.



I am particularly excited by some of the new user paradigms/flows that will possible with these designs. I imagine myself sliding around this grid with my arrow keys, checking on the different streams I have set up, building new streams, or exploring recommendations and feeds from current ones.

As he fleshes these out more, we will likely need a full post dedicated to his thinking.

Well Received Recommendations

The highlight of my week was the feedback from Rhys and Shingai on the quality of the recommendations from this first prototype.

This was a great sign! Two excited users despite the ugly UX!

One thing to keep in mind is that Rhys and Shingai are power users, so they have good mental maps who which twitter accounts are related. The better the seed accounts, the better the recommendations… which isn’t going to work for everyone..

Shingai also pointed towards another important part of the Tweetscape experience:

Impressed by the quality of the recommendation engine, and am excited to see what’s in store for the feed! Content filtering is more important for me than finding new accounts when it comes to crypto

The content! That is part of what I'll be working on next week.

Request for Help: What goes into a Stream Overview?

We could use your help. What do you think should go into the Stream Overview section? More details are in the twitter thread!

See you next week

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