Follow the tweetscape in realtime

The biggest flaw that has been preventing our first early adopters from using Tweetscape as their daily driver for Twitter interaction was that it simply wasn't up-to-date. One of the primary facets of Twitter's value offering is that it's the most realtime window into "What's happening?" available on the web:

All of this value is lost, however, if your window into the Twitterverse (i.e. your Twitter client) isn't always up-to-date.

To address this, I've implemented a realtime sync engine that pulls data from Twitter as you need it:

  1. Every time you visit a page in Tweetscape, I first try to fetch data from our server-side Redis cache (~30ms) or, if a query isn't yet cached, from our Postgres database (~3s).
  2. Then, I trigger a sync to revalidate our stored data with the freshest content from Twitter.
  3. Once that sync completes, Remix automatically revalidates that first data fetch in step #1.

More low-level implementation details can be found in #397.

Reddit-style time filters

You can now see the top tweets from the last day, week, month, year, decade, or even the last century. While I'm not sure exactly what you'll do with those last two options, our philosophy is always to give the end-user (you) as much control as possible. We simply provide the tools: you get to come up with your own "algorithms" for exploring Twitter.

The choice of which algorithm to use (or not) should be open to everyone —@jack (romantic moron, 1/8th hippie)

Implementation details can be found in #396 and #405.

Fixes & Improvements